The 9 key trends Londoners will be wearing this autumn

In my humble opinion, I think London in the fall is a pretty special thing. The capital may not match the spectacular visual show of rusting leaves that a place like New York City has to offer, but it feels like an exciting time when new vistas are upon us and the “back to school” excitement is on to touch and feel. Most people are still buoyed by the joys of British Summer Time and are not yet tired enough of dark nights and rainy days to hibernate and ignore you on the street.

It’s all about fresh outfit ideas and still being able to bare a little leg or go without a coat. It’s the perfect opportunity for creative layering or getting extra mileage out of your favorite summer items that you simply aren’t ready or willing to retire yet. It’s my favorite season, so I’m very excited to place some bets on fall trends. I think London’s fashionistas will really get behind in 2022. Being the keen ones outfit building this capital’s best-dressed types are, the signs are already starting to appear. There are hints of news as well as some ideas that have held so strong through the summer so far that I just know they won’t be retired at the first glimpse of rain. From an ongoing fascination with truly nostalgic designer handbags to the expansion of hemlines into maxi-skirt territory, these are the 9 key trends I think Londoners will embrace for autumn 2022.

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