3 beautiful lingerie trends that everyone is wearing this year

“Based on what I’ve seen for 2022 so far, I’d say the appetite for fun and colorful lingerie is still growing,” says Brewer. “This is especially with our customers as we find that black bras last much longer in stock than their colorful counterparts. I think brands are realizing that women want to be bold and experiment with their whole wardrobe, including their underwear drawer.”

Color plays a big role in Dora Larsen’s design process, but Larsen says she notices new patterns emerging. “Colour-wise, we noticed a huge demand for light green, which is interesting as you wouldn’t normally think of green as a typical color for lingerie – it’s not overtly feminine in the same way that pink or berry are,” says Larsen. “Customers are looking to be more experimental with their color choices and are looking for colors that you typically can’t find everywhere. The classic look you would typically expect from lingerie has gone out the window – people want to dress themselves these days, in comfortable, experimental, different and unique choices.”

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