Lil Nas X’s Debut Tour wardrobe features custom codpieces and football pads

Lil Nas Xfor all his chart topping in the nearly four years since he first posted “Old Town Road” to SoundCloud in late 2018, he’s never been on a proper solo tour — that is, until last night, where he started his debut Long live Montero tour in Detroit. For the occasion, Nas premiered a bespoke wardrobe he created together with the American fashion house Coach. It’s the latest in a long line of fashion brands dressing famous musicians for their tours: think Harry Styles wearing custom Gucci for his Love on tour dates, or Dua Lipa in customized Balenciaga, Mugler and Dior for her The nostalgia of the future drive or BTS wearing the Kim Jones-designed Dior under theirs Love yourself: Talk to yourself world tour a few years ago.

The fusion of a heritage brand like Coach and a cowboy from outer space-meets-Adam-minus-Eve dancing with the devilish pop star like Lil Nas X might seem like an odd pairing at first. But both Nas – known offstage as Montero Hill – and Coach are connected by their own potent brands of Americana.

Lil Nas X is rehearsing for his debut tour.

Courtesy of Aaron Idelson for Coach

“Montero’s style is bold and it’s boundary-breaking – and above all, it exudes confidence,” says Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers GQ via e-mail. “The looks we created for the tour were not only inspired by the confidence he is known for, they were also made to tell different chapters of his story.” Vevers worked with Lil Nas X and his stylist Hodo Musa to build six custom outfits that “play on iconic references to American pop culture,” including liberal use of the brand’s signature monogram pattern. It especially resonates hip-hop’s legacy of logomaniawhich the designer says they “juxtaposed in unexpected ways to show how Montero is creatively reimagining American pop culture today.”

And in any case, their link-up was pretty straightforward: “We’ve always been a fan of Montero and his approach to fashion that’s all his own — and he’s worn Coach before and he always looks amazing,” Vevers said. “The creative conversations started and developed from there.”

And while Nas didn’t ride out as a fabulous lone ranger on a Coach stagecoach, a horse with a leather signature monogram eventually joined him on stage. “Similar to my collections at Coach, Montero’s style explores familiar American touchstones like varsity and western wear through a new generation’s point of view,” says Vevers. “The look integrates our house codes and explores references to American heritage, past, present and future with a sense of fluidity to tell Montero’s story of metamorphosis.”

Courtesy of Aaron Idelson for Coach

A press release from Coach notes that the tour centers on Lil Nas X’s origin story, “from his beginnings to the fully realized version of himself—a story we hope inspires others. The acts of the show show Montero at different stages of life and self-discovery, from birth, to childhood, to his emergence as an artist, to the full expression of who he is today.” Among them are a fuschia, crystal-encrusted padded football uniform and a gilded gladiator suit patterned with the coach’s monogram, a series of ones and zeros of binary code and some tastefully abstract phalluses.

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