Legends Only: Charlize Theron looks back on her best beauty moments


Welcome to Legends only, a look back at the best beauty moments from our favorite celebrity icons. Recently, Charlize Theron opens up about the inspiration behind her iconic ’90s cut and how her daughter may one day have a future in beauty. Below are the stories behind the glam.

Where were you when Charlize Theron’s 2010 Dior campaign played on TV for the first time? I distinctly remember stopping in front of the screen, in awe of the beauty and chic she exuded. Since the campaign launched in 2010, Theron has been busy. Between becoming a mother, being cast in the new Marvel movie and creating memorable glam looks, she’s always had time to be one of Dior’s most iconic faces. Below, Theron opens up about her Dior campaigns and a few more details about each of her legendary glam looks over the years.

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The Next Generation Makeup Stars

“I was nominated for one People’s Choice Award I knew I hadn’t won, but my daughter still wanted me to get ready. I told her I didn’t have hair, makeup or a dress and she said, ‘No worry, mom, I will make you ready.’ I couldn’t break her heart and tell her I didn’t win.”

2010 J’Adore Dior campaign

“This first campaign I shot with Dior and Jean Baptiste Mondino. We shot on a built set in Paris, John Galliano was there too. Jean Baptiste Mondino and I came up with the concept with John. It was three days of magic. We all knew, that we were working on something iconic, but we didn’t know how iconic this campaign would become.”

“I was thrilled to be approached by Marvel to play the character of Clea alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. As she was only going to be introduced at the end of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness, all we really had to focus on was who she is and who influenced how she looked. I worked closely with my trusted friend and hairstylist Adir Abergil to come up with an interpretation of Clea that felt modern and timeless, but still had an ode to the original comic creation. Kate Lee was the genius who came up with the idea of ​​incorporating Clea’s purple aura into the makeup. Something I wasn’t convinced would work until she actually did. She’s brilliant!”

“The first time I cut my hair really short. I remember seeing Rosemary’s baby with Mia Farrow and immediately decided that I wanted that haircut as soon as possible. I think I cut it the next day. Everyone in my industry has always told me not to cut my hair if I want to work. And I’m here to tell young girls that femininity is not tied to long hair. In fact, I’ve felt my most feminine without long hair.”

“It was a fantastic concept that Leslie Fremar, Adir Abergel and Kate Lee were very involved in creating. Leslie has been my stylist for over a decade now and she works closely with Dior. She has such an understanding of the work with my body and has always been the great link between Dior’s beautiful creations and finding the perfect look for me.”

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