Fact: This coat trend will make literally any outfit look cool

There are always those pieces in your closet that, no matter what your mood is beforehand, the second you put them on, it acts as an instant mood booster, making you look and feel good. For me, that piece right now is a leather trench coat. I bought one this spring at a vintage store and let’s just say I’ve been waiting all summer to wear it. Whether it’s over a pair of sweatpants or a knit dress, the Matrix-inspired coat will have everyone looking put together, even if you just rolled out of bed. (Trust me—I’ve tried.)

Leather trenches are everywhere on the market right now, but you may end up scrolling through dozens of pages just to find the one you want. Don’t worry, because I have good news: the search is over. Below is a roundup of 19 trendy leather coats, along with some outfit inspiration from our favorite Instagram girls along the way.

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