LAPOINTE is looking for a production and product development intern in New York, NY

LA POINTE is looking for an intern who is interested in learning more about the development and production process as a whole. You will work simultaneously with both departments throughout your internship experience. For first-hand experience of fabric development, fit development, tech packs, factory communications, sourcing, organization and communication.

• Previous internship experience is expected
• Strong organizational skills
• Positive attitude
• Confident in pattern making, hand sewing and machine sewing
• Must be able to commit to at least 2 days per week (until the end of the semester)
• Must be vaccinated with proof of vaccination

• Assist with the process for Production & Development simultaneously
• Prepare cut tickets, pull fabric and help launch at factories for both production and development
• Assist in quality control at factories for production
• Assist with packing and shipping to production
• Assist in collection preparation; conversions, castings and market agreements
• Assist with factory communications and Midtown errands
• Source materials, trim, performances, etc. in Midtown…
• Assist in managing the fabric inventory for both development and production
• Maintain seasonal binders & organization for each team
• Set up for all fittings and manage “fit kit”
• Assist with hand sewing of embroidery, fabric repairs, etc.
• Maintain prototype and sample cleanliness between Production & Development and Sales & PR
• To keep the study organized

Contact: customer Att.: Claire

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