The best Labor Day deals on Amazon are too good to miss

Listen up, holiday sale event skeptics: The best Labor Day deals on Amazon are already ahead of schedule and worth your time. Yes, Labor Day is – somehow – around the corner again, and some of the craziest sales are well on the road. But if none of that has made you less skeptical about the whole shenanigans, let The ‘Zon make its case—mostly in the form of discounted casual wear and technology that will make spending a little less depressing yet a weekend in. bunch of first-class glasses from e.g. Ray-Ban and Oakley. (A savvy purchase assuming, of course, you decide to actually venture outdoors.)

Looking for a nice little pick-me-up to tide you over until sales season starting for real? The best Labor Day deals on Amazon have you covered. Here’s everything we’re keeping an eye on right now.

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