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6 things to know about LA Based Luxe Plus Size Line, Sante Grace

Los Angeles has been busy with new plus size designers over the last few years and it’s exciting to see! One of the latest brands that caught our attention was Sante Grace, created by a talent agent and designer, Tracy Christian!

Created with the goal of “Available High Fashion,” Sante Grace provides those who appreciate washable silk charmeuse, cashmere and silk chiffons. Sante Grace draws inspiration from the various design houses we know and creates plus size fashion options that give us both form and function.

Image via Sante Grace

Finding options beyond plus size fast fashion used to pose a challenge. But as the industry grows and plus size fashion still surpasses fashion in equal sizes! This has only created an ecosystem and community that can support the new modern plus size fashion options, and Sante Grace is one to know!

We have shared a bit about the designer in the past year, but to dig a little deeper, we asked Tracy to share with us 6 things we should know about Sante Grace and why we need these pieces in our closet now!

6 things to know about LA Based Luxe Plus Line, Sante Grace

1.Sante Grace is bad French for Saint Grace. Designer Tracy Christian named the line after her grandmother (Grace), who taught her to sew. “When my grandmother was a young woman, she found herself in a bad marriage with five young children. She financed her retirement from sewing for” stout “women in her church. She moved from Chattanooga to New Jersey and started a new life thanks to design. ”

2. Before Tracy started Sante Grace, she used to design her own clothes and have them made. “I never understood why anyone would go through all the work of designing, customizing and constructing a garment just to get it made from cheap fabrics. I want the best I can afford. I am a quality rather than a quantity. Sometimes the best I can not afford!

But if fine linen and silk were ok for emperors and pharaohs, then they are ok for me.

“Silk is a miracle natural substance. It insulates as well as spirits. It travels well and something looks even better after being slightly wrinkled and washed. When what you are wearing becomes a big thing; choose silk.”

3. Tracy created Sante Grace to end the crying in the fitting room. Do you know how some girls grew up hanging out in the mall or shopping for recreation? For Tracy, she shares her own experiences …

“I cried in the fitting room because the clothes never fit or my mother and I would quarrel. I hated looking at my body in that Lane Bryant pastor mirror. Nothing ever fit as it should, and it felt like it was my fault. ”

Tracy reflects on how she saw herself and her challenges: “I was tall, with a belly, wide hips, prominent butt, small waist and breasts. Now I have Sante Grace, and our cut is generous to flatter a more typical American figure. The clothes are life-size, not just plus size. . ”

4. Did you know that Sante Grace has a secret VIP list? Yes, and it was one that her customers even invented! “We make lots of clothes that never come in a larger production process. So when we make 6 or 8 of an item, I call customers who have been vocal via email or social media about their favorite clothes. “

5. They are connected to the community with ties to the Plusbus. “Jen Wilder and Marcy are partners in the Plus bus, and when I started Sante Grace, Jen managed the production line. The ladies have been fantastic, and now part of Sante Grace is sold in the Plus bus.”

6. Tracy is a real talent agent! “I’ve been a talent agent for the last 25 years. Ha and I’m really good at it. I’ve been so lucky to get clients to win Oscars, Golden Globes … We’ve already had celebrities wear Sante Grace to the Grammys , but the first time I see someone for Oscar in our clothes, I can cry. ”

fascinated? Curious? Already a fan?

You can shop the latest collection, now at SanteGrace.com!

For those who are curious, they are currently going up through a size 4X / 28, with plans to expand their size range further soon. And YES, there is international shipping for our friends who are outside the US.

Which items from the collection are you curious about? What do you think of this new designer and their collection?

Tell us what you think and what items are at the top of your list!

PS. If you are in the LA area on June 11thth, meet Tracy at Plus Bus Sante Grace Pop Up! Deets on their Instagram!

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