Inside Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship with Scott Disick after her wedding and Travis Barker’s health scare

Kourtney Kardashian and her ex Scott Disick may not be interacting much in public after her whirlwind romance-turned-marriage to Travis Barker, but a source spoke to Entertainment tonight about the status of Kardashian and Disick’s relationship after Barker’s health scare and the new couple’s May wedding in Italy that Disick did not attend.

It doesn’t exactly thrive, but the two get on well with their parents. “Scott is still getting used to everything, but is supportive and respectful of their relationship while doing his best to be the best father he can be to his kids,” the source said. (Kardashian and Disick share Mason, 12; Penelope, 10; and Reign, 7.)

“Scott and Kourtney’s relationship is stable and equally supportive,” the source said. “There’s not a lot of tension or awkwardness and they’re over any turmoil at this point.”

This update comes after a source told Entertainment tonight on May 26 that Disick was struggling with his ex’s marriage. “Scott has had a hard time with Kourtney and Travis’ marriage, but he’s doing as well as can be,” the source said. “He has mixed feelings because he loves Kourtney, but he also knows she’s very happy. [Disick] deeply regretted how he treated Kourtney during their relationship.”

The source added: “Scott and Kourtney’s children are happy, but of course they’ve always hoped there was a chance their parents would get back together. Scott is upset that he’s not as close to Kourtney or her family, like he once was. He misses them all and wants to be involved in things. Scott still has a good relationship with the family in general but it’s a little different now. Kris is still like a mother to him and he loves her like his mother . He’s also still very close to Khloé.”

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