I have received 47 compliments on my skin since I started wearing this foundation

I’m annoyingly picky about my makeup in general, but said pickiness reaches new heights when it comes to foundation. In fact, I can name on one hand the number of foundations I’ve worn regularly since I first started wearing the clothes in high school. But even though I’ve found some great formulas in recent years, and even though I felt pretty happy with the foundation I was wearing pre-Kosas, the launch of Revealer immediately put all my old standbys to shame.

From my very first application and use, I fell in love with the look and feel of Revealer. It’s a medium-coverage foundation, but the liquid consistency almost feels more like a serum, so it melts into your skin like a dream for an extremely natural, second-skin finish. As the name suggests, it’s chock-full of non-toxic, skin-enhancing ingredients (more on those soon), and in addition to providing weightless, buildable coverage, it instantly infuses your complexion with a dose of luminosity and glow (without looking). also shiny). Last but not least, the strategic formulation of ingredients helps hydrate and plump the skin, so any pores and/or uneven texture instantly appear less noticeable. I like it for an Instagram filter in a bottle.

Even though I was completely captivated by Kosas Revealer Foundation (which is not surprising since I have never met a Kosas product I haven’t liked) what really stood out to me was the number of compliments I started getting on my skin (not my makeup but my skin) when I started wearing it super-regularly. And after being tagged and questioned by about five different beauty editors and influencers at a celebrity brand launch event in June, I started to keep track. As predicted, tons of similar “OMG, your skin!” compliments and questions followed in the following months—from Who What Wear co-founder and CCO Hillary Kerr to random cashiers at the grocery store to a *super* well-known content creator I met during a press tour. (Who, literally, made me spill my exact product routine to her.)

The funny thing is, no one believes me when I tell them that the key to my smooth, dewy skin is one single makeup product and not an expensive 10-step skincare routine. Sure, my skin has been relatively clear lately, but I’d never say my skin is amazing or compliment-worthy on its own, and aside from regularly incorporating Kosas’s foundation (which is designed to enhance your makeup-free skin while you wear it), nothing else in my routine has changed.

So because all 47 times I’ve been complimented, my response has simply been “It’s the new Kosa foundation!” I decided it was high time to compose a dedicated ode to it. From the amazing ingredient profile to celebrity makeup artist-approved application tips, keep scrolling for everything you need to know about my all-time favorite foundation.

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