The Apple Watch gets a decisive cosign

Anyone who follows John Mayer on Instagram is used to seeing watches on his feed. Typically, these are very nice, very exclusive watches: Rolex “Rainbow” Daytonasthat new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak with gems set in a design that mimics an equalizer, one of Patek Philippe’s impossible-to-find sports watches. But he shared an unexpected message on Wednesday.

“Did Apple just make…a tactical watch?” he wrote. “Were wearing the Apple Watch Ultra for a week…” – build that excitement, John! -“and it’s great.” This news is probably registered as a significant earthquake in Geneva. For Mayer is not just any well-heeled and keen collector, he is probably the watch world’s most prominent tastemaker. When he wears a green-and-gold Rolex Daytona, it is the value shoots up in price and is now known as “John Mayer.” Seeing a particular Royal Oak on one’s wrist can inspire dealers to go out and grab a few dozen of that very piece. Mayer’s co-sign certainly won’t have that kind of effect on the Apple Watch, which is already bought up in larger quantities than what the entire Swiss watch industry is moving together. But given the Apple Watch’s unique place in the watch universe — worn by almost everyone, but no one’s idea of ​​collector bait — Mayer’s endorsement is a huge deal.

As Mayer himself admits, he is not typically one to succumb to the special charms of a smartwatch. “The first Apple Watch that excited me as a mechanical watch collector,” he wrote above a photo of him wearing the Ultra. But given the way Mayer talks about and approaches watches, it felt like only a matter of time before he opened his heart to a smartwatch.

Once upon a time, while discusses his watches with Hodinkee, he compared his Rolex’s GMT function (which keeps track of a different time zone) to an app on a phone. And if you like your watches equipped with apps, this Ultra delivers in spades. Mayer conjures up a few of his favorites on Instagram: GPS tracking, a depth gauge, a dive computer, a blaring high-pitched siren for those in distress, and night mode. And there are many more, like a super accurate compass, a water temperature sensor and a car accident detector. “This is a camping/hunting/outdoor adventure powerhouse,” Mayer wrote of the piece. Part of the wristwatch’s original appeal was that different models were essentially tools built for specific purposes. Apple Watch Ultra is a utility watch built for the 21st century.

The other reason Mayer eventually fell in love with an Apple Watch is that he never turns his nose up at a watch. Yes, he owns many many luxury pieces, but he has proven just as prone to falling in love with a G-Shock or Casio as he is a Rolex or Audemars Piguet. I’d go so far as to argue that casually announcing that he actually likes the new Apple Watch is exactly why we love Mayer as a collector. He constantly vacillates and follows his own taste (and that taste often becomes the taste of the masses). “Not an #ad,” he wrote in the Instagram Story slide that concluded his review of the Apple Watch. “I just like what I like.”

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