Jesse Eisenberg wears a blazer at Ralph Lauren Way

At this moment in menswear, it feels like anything goes. Which means there are endless options when it comes to wearing a blazer. Want to wear one made of shiny leather? Go for it. Or maybe one with the most peaked 1970s lapels you can find more your speed. Maybe you just want to wear your simplest blazer some giant chinos. Earlier this week, at a beachside film festival in France, actor Jesse Eisenberg took a very American approach to the blazer, rocking it in a look heavily inspired by Ralph Lauren. And no, we’re not talking about the brand, but the legendary dresser itself.

Now, Ralph Lauren has undoubtedly worn many proper suits in his time. But especially during the last decade, the designer has gravitated towards a stripped-down version of the classics. Time and time again, Lauren has paired an elegant blazer with relaxed blue jeans and rounded off the look with technical-looking sneakers. (Sometimes it’s futuristic walkers, other times it’s vintage basketball kicks.)

Gilbert Carrasquillo

Debra L Rothenberg

This is exactly what Eisenberg did and he absolutely nailed it. Eisenberg’s version of the outfit opted for a minimalist navy blazer with a plain black T-shirt, worn with straight-leg blue jeans and gray sneakers. Each piece on its own is relatively tame, but when combined into a unique look: pure undeniable style. And fear not: When he showed up for the more formal ceremony later that day, he had changed a more proper suit.

The saying goes that good artists copy and great artists steal. This is also true when it comes to dressing. This look proves that wearing a blazer doesn’t always have to be overly formal, and that you can break some rules and look incredible while doing it. And also a good rule of thumb when it comes to dressing: If Ralph Lauren has done it himself, it’s probably a style move worth stealing.

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