Jennifer Lawrence wore baggy jeans and a crop top on one of NYC’s hottest days

New York City in the summer is always hot, but this year’s temperatures are especially toasty. But while I have refused to wear anything but scarves as tube tops and cutoff denim shorts for the last two weeks (that is, when I actually leave my AC-controlled apartment), Jennifer Lawrence seems completely unfazed by recent 90ºF forecasts. And her latest look is her coolest (in more ways than one) yet.

Found an iced coffee and shopped in the West Village, the Silver Linings Playbook actress chose to beat the heat in our new favorite outfit recipe for a hot day: Baggy, wide leg jeans and a crop top. To make the look even more weather-ready, she added a pair of Pierre Hardy flat sandals, an XL Hydro Flask and a surprisingly smart umbrella that she used to block the sun. Are you writing this down?

As much as it pains me to say this, the warmest weather is probably still to come. So instead of following my no-cool strategy, try JLaw’s much more stylish one below.

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