Jennifer Garner is reportedly thrilled to see Ben Affleck married to someone else

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck separated in 2017 after being married for 12 years and having three children together. Garner wasn’t present when Affleck married Jennifer Lopez a little over a week ago, but she is reportedly very happy that he has officially married someone else.

“I’m sure she’s thrilled to be rid of her fourth child,” a source familiar with the former couple said. Page six. The comments refer to Garner’s efforts to help Affleck get sober, after staging an intervention and getting him into a clinic to treat his alcohol addiction in 2018.

The source added: “Jen is an amazing mum, she’s really been a mum to those kids – and it’s great that she doesn’t have to have a fourth child anymore.”

Another insider said: “Jen has always been about things the same way no matter who Ben has been with… They have kids together – so if he has another episode or falls off the wagon it would be her problem .”

Their children, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, were all present at J.Lo and Affleck’s nuptials, so Garner is clearly supportive of the new union at least. Garner was photographed at Sam’s Club in South Charleston on her wedding day, looking like she was in good spirits. With her was her father, William, and her boyfriend John Miller. It is not clear whether she was also invited to the ceremony or not.

The source close to the former couple said the divorce was bittersweet at best, explaining: “Jen grew up with her parents happily married and her sisters are married so I know she wanted it to work. But she has moved on.”

They continued,[Lopez] will be good for Ben, she has always been obsessed with him. And I can tell you that she will do her best to make sure he stays sober and healthy. Both Jen and Jennifer are very strong girls.”

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