Jacquemus and Mother Nature are collaborating on yet another amazing Runway Show

As usual, the pictures are from Jacquemus‘s recent runway show has left me a little salty over the fact that I was not there in person – but probably not as salty as those who attended when the fall 2022 collection was shown amidst the giant salt heaps of the Camargue, France.

It was another picturesque runway scenery done in collaboration with the frequent Jacquemus collaborator, Mother Nature, who followed up on the latest scenic, off-the-beaten-path trails, including a flowering lavender field in the South of France, a wheat field in the countryside outside Paris and at the latest, at the beach in Hawaii. Although as far as the color palette is concerned, the coed collection, entitled “Le Papier”, could not have looked further away from the lively, sunny, tropical shades of the last trip.

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