J.Crew has just entered a new era. Meet Olympia Gayot, the woman behind her newfound fame.

Back in the 2010s, J.Crew’s former leading lady, Jenna Lyonswas one of fashion’s biggest trendsetters, creating thick glasses, high-low style combinations, quilted sweatersand a cuff button-down some of them decades of must-haves. For years, her style represented J.Crew’s point of view for fashion fans, who looked to the brand’s leader for inspiration. Still, for all the fame Lyons achieved during her tenure at J.Crew, the designer wasn’t quick to adapt to Instagram’s rise in designer-to-customer relationships, joining the app only in 2020 after she left the company. While J.Crew enjoyed a great run as one of America’s favorite brands for years, by the mid-2010s it became just another millennials loss‘ appetite for increasingly digital brands and authentic connections and aversion to anything cookie-cutter… or found in a mall.

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