9 items that make basic leggings look extremely 2023

We all do it – run out of the house in leggings to buy a carton of milk in the delicatessen or go to a pilates class. It hasn’t been since the peak of the athleisure era in the early 2010s—a decade ago now, if you can believe it—that basic leggings were considered a trendy item to wear, and these days they are largely found on the margins of our wardrobes as useful fixtures, but not necessarily the most exciting.

All that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself in a rut when you made up your mind what to wear next to your regular leggings. We naturally have a few ideas in mind. Yep, making your staple leggings feel up-to-date, and dare I say cool, in 2023 comes down to styling them with a few key pieces. Simple choices like choosing the right coat or pair of shoes can make a world of difference – just see for yourself. Ahead, we break down nine things that will solve the mystery of how to wear leggings in 2023.

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