I juggle 3 jobs in New York City – and this styling trick saves me so much time

She wakes up at dawn — the only time she’s able to enjoy the peace and quiet of a NYC morning — to write in her gratitude journal (that is, if the urge to scroll through TikTok doesn’t take over) before she tackles a full day of juggling a full-time job with her many side hustles and hobbies. Just before At 9, she makes the 20-minute walk from the apartment she shares with friends to her 9-to-5 (err, 9-to-6) where she works as a marketing associate. But instead of waiting in 30-minute sandwich lines at cafes like the rest of downtown, her lunch breaks consist of running from model casting to model casting to gigs she wants to work into what little free time she has. In the evenings, she’s either heading straight from her office to her dance studio (she’s a long-time competitive dancer), or she’ll come to a weight-lifting workout or occasionally teach a virtual yoga class—before going home and settling down for the night at 8 p.m. to inevitably wake up and do it all over again the next day.

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