We tracked down Harry Styles’ 22-karat gold ring from ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

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Harry Styles’ chunky-ring obsession has made it to the big screen. Since Sept. 23 premiere of “Don’t Worry Darling,” fans on social media have been commenting nonstop about everything from Styles’ awkwardly long dance scene to his questionable accent and the irresistibly charming curl of hair on his forehead that deserves an honor as his other costar. In addition to admiring all Styles perfectly tailored suitswe couldn’t take our eyes off the chunky ring on the “As It Was” singer’s hands as he made Jack Chambers come to life on screen.

Styles’ Misho Bauhaus Model 4 Enamel Ring, handcrafted with 22 carat gold-plated bronze, comes in sizes XS to L and comes in 13 colors. From lime green to lipstick pink, lavender love, peach perfection and deep sea blue, there’s pretty much a ring to match any outfit in Styles’ colorful wardrobe. The cool mint color gives us “Falling” at Beachwood Café, but if you’re more of a “Harry’s house” heck, the sunshine yellow ring might be a better match.

Although subtle and seemingly irrelevant to the plot, Styles’ ring, which he wears on his right index finger, is similar to the one worn by Frank (Chris Pine), the founder of the Victory Project, throughout the film. Where Frank’s ring could signify his power and the dark secret he holds, Jack’s ring could be a comparable nod to the fact that he knows more about the Victory Project than he’s letting on. When Alice questions her friends and neighbors at the dinner party, both rings are clearly visible, making it all the more likely that the beauty and costume department had every detail – right down to the cast’s jewelry and manicure — in mind when adding clues that twist ending.

Take a closer look at Styles’ ring and shop the stunning statement piece for yourself, ahead.

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