Halsey’s low-cut miniskirt is a modern twist on the Y2K trend

Halsey perfectly balanced their classic rock ‘n’ roll edge with a hint of timelessness in a recent outfit post shared on Instagram in September. 15. Heading to a Baby Keem concert, the “Gasoline” singer rocked a sleeveless, mock-neck crop top with a low-waisted miniskirt and knee-high boots. To add a bit of texture to the look, the mini skirt had pleats while the knit crop top gathered at their shoulders. Halsey’s suede boots were also secured with delicate ties at the top.

The slightly asymmetrical hem of her cropped tank hit just above her ribs, leaving plenty of room between the waist of the skirt to show off her abs and the four-leaf clover tattoo on her hip. The playful and revealing silhouette of the outfit gave so much more Halsey’s tattoos a moment to shine too, making the look that much more punk-rock.

To accessorize the all-black look, Halsey opted for small, simple, chunky gold rings. The gold played well with their strawberry blonde pixie cut, styled with wavy edges reminiscent of the 1920s. “I love the fall concert season,” the artist — who took to the audience instead of the stage for the night — mentioned in her Instagram caption.

With many Y2K trends – like bold color palettes, scrunchies and logo patterns – trending right now, it’s not surprising to see more low-waisted skirts and pants in the wild. However, Halsey’s monochromatic take with classic accessories was a very timeless play on the trend. Stars like Sydney Sweeney at the VMAs and Camila Mendes at Paris Fashion Week has been seen in viral mini skirt trend too, making the style worthy of a place in our wardrobes.

See Halsey’s punk-rock concert outfit from all angles here.

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