I stalked Hailey Bieber’s TikTok – here are all the beauty products she’s recommended

If there’s one celebrity I’d take beauty advice from, it’s without a doubt Mrs. Hailey Rhode Bieber. The model and brand founder has not only incredible, impossible dew-free skin (which can largely be attributed to her highly praised and often sold out skin care line, Rhode), but her makeup is also always on point.

Unlike many stars who like to keep us guessing, Bieber doesn’t stick to his routine. In fact, she regularly posts “get ready with me” TikToks or videos showcasing her favorite products of the moment. Of course, you can scroll through all her TikToks yourself and find out what products she uses, but as a naturally curious person who writes about beauty for a living, I did the heavy lifting for you and scoured her TikTok product recommendations.

The best know Bieber’s routine is that it is accessible. She doesn’t use a ton of super-expensive or hard-to-find products, and she also keeps it simple by typically only using a few essential makeup products. To get Hailey Bieber’s signature glow, keep reading to find out the products she actually loves and uses.

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