This is what all your favorite ‘Gossip Girl’ stars are up to now

Patrick McMullanGetty Images

Gossip Girl is one of the most iconic television shows, well, ever. Between the amazing clothes and the beautiful statement headbands, GG had a cast full of style icons who defined the wardrobes of an entire generation. Upper East Side glamor never knew what hit it! Whether you’re a Blair or a Serena, the show had all the drama, mystery and messy relationships that made it so much fun to watch and rewatch.

It was heartbreaking when GG decided to call it quits after six unforgettable watchable seasons. It’s been a while since the last blast, so you might be wondering what happened to the original cast?

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and all the rest of your favorites are blooming if you’re curious! Although they are no longer filming for the series, some GG celebs have made big moves. They’re starring in new shows and movies, starting families, performing on Broadway, modeling and recording music—just to name a few. (I discovered them all.)

Others have kept a lower profile and are enjoying some well-deserved relaxation after achieving stardom. You’ve seen a lot of them in your new favorite series, even if you haven’t realized it (hair color can really change someone’s look!), and many of them have exciting new projects coming up soon.

With the long-awaited and equally stylish Gossip Girl reboot is coming back for Season 2 so soon, now is the perfect time to check in on your favorite actors and actresses from the original series. Continue reading for all the details on Gossip Girl celebs, then and now. XOXO.

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