Not to be dramatic, but I found the perfect fall dress at Target

Every year in November, I am overwhelmed by a handful of new stressors before the holidays. There are the usual suspects: shopping out gifts for family and friends, preparation for all seasonal dishes at min baking to-do list, navigating the craziness of work and ultimately just trying not to freak out as my calendar fills up with events, dinners and holiday parties all during the remaining two months of the year. Then there’s the less predictable stressor that I imagine also plagues every fashion lover hoping to be best dressed at their next family gathering: what to wear.

All things considered, I’ll admit that this is a pretty good problem to have and certainly not one that should send me into as much of a shopping spree as it usually does – but I can’t help it! Between all the family gatherings, parties with co-workers, and menacing vacation photos (many of which I can foresee making their way onto Facebook or Instagram), I can’t think of a season where it’s more of a necessity to look your best. Being the planner that I am, my search for the perfect Thanksgiving Day outfit began way back in October when I tirelessly scoured the internet in search of a formal dress that was stylish enough to suit the occasion but also affordable enough to fit into my pre-Black Friday budget.

Miraculously, I managed to find the perfect style in this one Future Collective x Kahlana Barfield Brown Puff-Sleeve Denim Dress ($50). The Target midi dress is so chic and polished (making it ideal for all-day wear), but still casual and versatile enough to wear for more casual occasions, thanks to the denim design. Read on to see my honest review of the puff-sleeved style and why I’m confident it will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come.

What I like about this Target Midi Denim Dress

I love that it boasts the same flair as a classic denim dress, just in a more upgraded style. The dress is equipped with a midi length and square neckline, both of which help to give it an extra edge compared to some of the others button-down denim dresses or even those with relaxed scoop necklines. Thanks to the thoughtful design, the piece feels incredibly versatile and gives me the freedom to wear it in pretty much any situation. The denim material also provides an extra thickness that gives it a warmer and more durable feel – making it the perfect style to sport when the temperature starts to drop for winter.

I also love the uniqueness that the front zipper design provides. This element, although small, allows me to easily adjust the fit of the dress to better suit my style preferences. If I need something more formal, I can zip the dress all the way up and style it as a classic puff sleeve dress. Alternatively, if I’m looking for a sexier evening ensemble, I can also leave the dress zipped just a few inches below the neckline and then let the sleeves drape over my arms for a more off-the-shoulder look.

What is worth noting

While it might not come as a surprise given the composition of the style, this is definitely not a loose or super breathable dress. The denim fabric is relatively stiff, and if I sit down or move my arms around too widely, the style can start to feel quite constricting. I wouldn’t say this has anything to do with sizing (I’m typically a size 6, which is what I also ordered this midi dress in); I think it’s just a predictable result of the drug. These days I practically live in t-shirt dresses and oversized dresses, so when I put on something a little more form-fitting, I can definitely be taken back in my first few slits of it. That said, this wouldn’t stop me from buying the Target dress, wearing it, or even recommending it to a friend. But if you’re someone who prefers a little more breathability and stretch in your clothes, this is something you should be aware of.

Who is this Target Midi Denim Dress best for?

This Target midi dress is ideal for any fashionista who likes to look put together with little to no effort. The dress has a structured design that makes it look a bit more fitted compared to the traditional denim dress. The puff sleeves also help elevate it with a polished flair, giving you the freedom to easily dress it up or down, depending on your own style preferences. For the past month I have already managed to wear this dress with my white sneakers and a crossbody bag while meeting my girlfriends for brunch. Alternatively, I’ve also dressed it up on a number of occasions for evening events and dinner dates – just paired it with nude heels, a statement handbag and a few gold jewelry. Each time, I’ve gotten away with just throwing it on, layering a few extra accessories with it, and being on my merry way – no struggle with coordinating an outfit beforehand.

Where is this Target Denim Midi Dress available?

That Future Collective x Kahlana Barfield Brown The Puff-Sleeve Denim Dress is available to shop exclusively at Target.

further details

  • This midi denim dress is made from a 100 percent cotton material.
  • The pull-on style features a front zipper design that allows wearers to slip the dress on like a coat and then easily zip up the front.
  • This particular dress is available to shop in US women’s sizes 0-30.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kyley Warren

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