French girls laugh when Americans wear these winter trends

Clothing for winter may seem exciting when you’re tired of your summer wardrobe, but after a few weeks of non-stop layering and bundling, the novelty of it all wears off quickly. Trends might not be the first action item on your seasonal shopping list, but we’re here to tell you new winter fashion trends will be the key to boosting your mood and appearance time and time again, especially when you face those mornings when you are overwhelmed by your wardrobe.

Instead of just listing another selection of the season’s hottest trends, we tapped Farfetch’s Senior Women’s Editor, Celene Seidel, to fill us in on not only the biggest styles in America, but also the heavy hitters in France. Since French-girl style is an aesthetic sought after by women all over the world, we were curious to see the differences and similarities between the two countries in terms of trends, and thanks to Celenie’s expertise in the popular global shopping site, we all the answers we need.

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