I have been a wardrobe stylist for 10 years – this is my 6-piece French capsule

That French girls wardrobe is fascinating for a number of reasons: it is simple, timeless and effortless. And the hunt for the right pieces to achieve that can easily become a lifelong endeavor. We could spend all day figuring it out how to mimic the key elements it does French style so well, and if you’re a consistent Who What Wear reader, you know that we do spend a lot of time on the subject.

We are hardly the only sartorial Francophiles either. We chatted with a NYC-based wardrobe stylist who loves the simplicity of French style so much that she set out to design her very own French-inspired capsule wardrobe. Meet Bryn Taylor, a stylist of 10 years who recently launched Ouisaa well-edited range of just six pieces that make up what she considers to be the perfect capsule wardrobe.

“While I love fashion and understand the power of clothes to change people’s mindsets,” Taylor shared with us, “I noticed that my customers often expressed frustration with the paralysis of choices in their wardrobe and shopping for clothes in general. They wanted to create an easy, cool, signature style, but lacked the confidence and tools to do so. I would always advocate a smaller, more thoughtful wardrobe of pieces they could rely on in any situation and seamlessly mix and match. I essentially a capsule collection I kept noticing that the basics that my clients’ closets were missing were the same tried and true essentials that I depended on in my own wardrobe.”

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