A French Girl Walks into Nordstrom – 11 Items She’d Buy (And 11 She Wouldn’t)

Oh, two topics we love to talk about –French-girl style and Nordstrom! While the two things don’t usually coincide (there are currently no Nordstrom locations in France), we like to keep things hypothetical and fun over here, so today we’re bringing you our ultimate French-inspired guide to what our Parisian fashionistas are likely to buy should they ever find themselves across the pond and wandering into a Nord Stream. We also highlight the items they are likely to say “non merci” to.

There are of course plenty of slim ones staples included in the mix and Parisian-inspired basic that are ideal for the current autumn/winter weather. If you’re curious or simply love Nordstrom and French-girl style like we do, keep scrolling for plenty of shopping inspiration.

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