R29’s Shopping Team reviews people’s previously sold out puffs for free

“The Normcore style has been great for my chunky, clunky shoe collection and an approaching vintage Nalgene bottle, but at first blush this didn’t feel like a fashion-forward athleisure selection. But as I wore the jacket around the house, I realized something. What a a few Christmases ago, my dad, who wears hiking boots and fly fishing pants to the office, gave us all a super-fancy alternative down layer similar to the one from Free People Thin, light, crazy warm But it was ABSOLUTELY designed for performance in true outdoor adventures like hiking or skiing. For serious outdoor activity, it makes total sense: you want to be able to layer it, pack it tight, and not have loose layers in sub-zero temperatures. But I’ve never felt like wearing that jacket for running to the shops or the gym for example.It’s just SO slim and fitted that it’s a bit of a pain to throw on bulky everyday shirts or jumpers and makes me feel like I should be going to Everest, don’t I CVS.

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