Fellow’s beloved Stagg EKG kettle goes pro

If you have been to a thesis coffee shop within the last five years, it is likely that you have seen the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle. You know the one. The gooseneck etude, the (typically) darkened exterior, the antler-like handle and the square base warm it all up. For coffee lovers, Fellow is a brand that has risen basic grinder or French press for an elegant design piece, and the Stagg EKG is that status-y kettle to own if you want a more accurate tilt. It heats water to a specific temperature, maintains that temperature for up to an hour, plus packs in a built-in timer to help you keep track of your brew time. That’s basically it perfect electric kettle already, but Fellow betters itself with the release of a new model this year: the Fellow Stagg EKG Pro.

The Stagg EKG Pro takes everything that makes the original kettle great – sleek design and an easily controllable push-button dial – plus adds some bonuses like the ability to schedule a boil, set a height to avoid boiling over, and a pre-boil setting for to purify the water before you reach the desired temperature. You can see your water (and only water, please) coming up to temperature through the LCD screen, which now comes with a color display. Since the kettle is already quite quiet, Fellow has also added a new bell function so that the kettle can warn you when the water is ready to go. Another crucial design tweak is a new and improved leak-proof lid for people who complained about the original model spilling water when the kettle is in the pour position.

Fellow Stagg EKG Pro electric kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Studio kettle

“In 2017, our iconic Stagg EKG kettle revolutionized the coffee industry and set the undisputed standard in electric kettles. Five years later, we’re raising that bar again,” said Jake Miller, Fellows’ founder and CEO, in a press release, calling the new kettle “a vision into the future of pour-over brewing.”

We wouldn’t call the Stagg EKG Pro a must-have, exactly, if you already own the original. But if you’ve been holding out, the Pro model only costs an extra $30 for a handful of extra features, including the ability to connect to WiFi for future updates. The Pro’s release will also coincide with the launch of the Pro Studio Edition kettle, which is essentially the regular Pro with upgraded materials (ie lots of metal parts, plus the updated lid).

Both the Pro and Pro Studio kettles are available for pre-order from Fellow right now, and units will ship in mid-October. If you are ready to gift seasonlooking at a slam-dunk device for the coffee snob on your list.

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