I like my outfits with a hint of trendiness – I saved these 6 straight away

I’m sorry to be to person, but yes, I’m already thinking about autumn. I’ve never thrived in warm weather, and since fall happens to be a shorter season, I have to prepare my look in advance. (We can’t let any time go to waste.) I still want to wear my sundresses and leotards while I can, but I’ve started saving a few outfits so I know exactly what to wear when my favorite season begins. I love to try a trend, but I like to find the balance between trendy and minimal, and I think the outfits below do exactly that.

If you’re a planner like me and looking for some fall inspiration, I’ve found six trendy and easy outfits you’ll want to see. Bring knitwear, leather and boots galore. Keep scrolling for your dose of fall 2022 fashion.

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