Our Favorite French Press Steals Right Now (Plus 7 More Great Gear Deals We Like)

Investing in any French Espro press is the fastest way to increase your homebrewing; so much so that its baseline state, P3, is ours preferred French press on the market– the one we would recommend to practically everyone. It has its flaws (like poor heat retention), but it’s still top notch. And right now it’s rarely 20% off.

The P3 implements a few fine mesh filters to ensure a cleaner, tastier cup of java than its competitors, even those in the same price range. Small sediments are kept away from your coffee, so the joe that ends up in your cup has fewer bits and pieces without you having to do any extra work. When you’re done brewing—say, after four minutes or so—the plunger is designed to stop the extraction process so you don’t end up with dull, empty flavors.

Head over to Espro’s website now to take advantage of this 20 percent off deal (don’t forget to enter the code ROAST20 at checkout). And if you’re not in the mood for a great coffee maker, here are seven more deals we’ve found and you can shop right now.

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