Dame Emma Thompson, menswear guru, advises you to find your bliss

There are many qualities that can qualify a woman as a men’s fashion icon, and the simple act of embracing a tailored suit or streetwear is just one of them. Consider Princess Dianawho wore gym clothes and boxy blazers with the same painstaking precision as she did an evening gown, or Rihannathat makes something look about twenty times more swaggy than when someone else is wearing it, or Bella Hadid, whose crazy, downtown style has left many a homeboy wondering where they could actually get it. There is something else – something a little mystifying, a little frizzante-about the way these women wear clothes that makes their personal style seem relevant or appealing to men.

By some metrics, it’s a matter of trust. It’s also true that looser, freer, more comfortable silhouettes tend to feel uniform in more ways than one.

Maybe such an overall quality is that bliss.

Thompson attends Matilda The Musical premiere in London on October 5, 2022.Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Consider Dame Emma Thompson, who like the women above can do more than pull off an evening gown, but also tends to freak it out when it comes to her casual wear. She became a lady wearing a green suit and Stan Smiths. She presented herself at the Golden Globes barefoot with a martini. She loves a cool sneaker and a strange oversized shirt. The British actress herself has owned up to not being considered a traditional fashion icon, although she accepts that notion comfortably. “At my first Oscars, a fashion reporter said as I passed along the red carpet, ‘God love her, she always looks so bad in anything,'” she once recounted. Daily Mail. “And I had taken the trouble! I wore it as a badge of honor.”

And all of this has only seemed to grow truer as Thompson has aged, which in the most ideal scenario would make anyone feel looser, freer and more comfortable. On Monday, while attending a London screening of the Roald Dahl adaptation The musical Matilda, there was something particularly blissful about the way she wore her oversized, raw-hemmed Balenciaga black denim jacket, wide-leg white jeans, and metallic Stella McCartney sneakers. (IN Matilda, Thompson plays the evil headmistress Mrs. Trunchbull, who, as Pam Ferris characterizes in the 1996 film version, may also have been a kind of an accidental menswear icon.) The outfit allowed for a level of comfort and ease that made it seem natural for her to vamp up and down the carpet with a big grin. Red carpet mischief…swag…dressing comfortably…not just for the guys anymore!

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