Emma Chamberlain’s home tour inspired this adorable $18 decor purchase

Now you have probably seen Emma Chamberlain’s house tour over Architectural Digest, which has received over five million views on YouTube in a matter of days. There’s a lot to love about the video, which gives us an up-close and personal look at her entire home, including her green kitchen, minimal bedroom, jaw-dropping closet, and serene backyard.

While Chamberlain‘s furniture, art and lighting were amazing, one of her home’s smallest interior design details actually stood out the most to me: her colorful checkerboard coasters, which were highlighted at the 30-second mark in the YouTube video. Why? Because I knew just where to find them for less than $20: Urban Outfitters. I’d already had Subtle Art Studios’ glass pieces pinned to my Pinterest board for weeks, but seeing similar pieces in Emma Chamberlain’s home sealed the deal for me and I immediately added them to my cart. Scroll down to watch the video and shop the cute coasters in question.

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