EmRata had a $40 Zara card featuring the boots of every editor’s fall wish

When you decide you love something, it is psychologically proven that you will see it everywhere. It is called frequency illusion (sort of) and yes, it’s real. Knowing that, like so many of my fellow editors, I am completely enamored with pointe toe, knee high boots, I shouldn’t be surprised that the precise style had become practically unavoidable in my everyday life, whether I’m working on a story or walking around town. But even with all that exposure, I’m convinced that the last time I saw a pair was my smartest observation yet.

For a special fall day in NYC, Emily Ratajkowski debuted the perfect fall outfit, including a brown motorcycle jacket worn over one black bodysuit and paired with a khaki $40 Zara micro skirt and razor-sharp knee height. To accentuate the outfit, she added a vintage Dior saddle bagFendace sunglasses and a wide belt.

Clearly, the universe is trying to tell me something, and it has everything to do with the 14 pairs of dangerously tempting pointy-toe knee-high boots below. Scroll down to see EmRata’s looks and shop them all.

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