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Elliot Page reminds us that jeans and a blazer can be more than business casual

There is a certain alchemy in wearing jeans with a blazer. It is one of those outfit combinations that are generally timeless – but in execution it can be difficult to get the right one. The formula is subject to the whims of how people feel about jeans (or suits or jackets). Go for the baggy and you risk looking like you’re attending a Planet Hollywood party in 1992; too customized and you risk looking like you are posing this magazine in 2013.

These days, we have tilted back towards the late 80s, early 90s more-is-more end of the spectrum. Helpfully, Elliot gave a masterclass in appearance last night Late night with Seth Meyerspairing a freaky oversized Gucci blazer and crisp APC blue jeans.


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Who is currently in the process of promoting the latest season of Netflix Umbrella Academyhas recently made it a habit to make the “bad” suit looks very, very goodas regards the parameters of what makes a suit well has been a bit twisted lately. Taking a page from the Fran Lebowitz book of rugged denim and large jackets, his monogram Gucci jacket (and matching loafers!) Feels cool and weird at the same time, in the sense that only an outfit that could take you from to speak at a late time. night show to teach a Philosophy 101 seminar could.

“In our fit, Elliot was attracted to a lot of classically tailored with a twist,” says stylist Britt Theodora, who dressed Page last night. GQ via e-mail. “Elliot has a very classic style, so it’s been fun adding new interesting elements to it. He is open to fashion and has fun with it, while still remaining true to his usual timeless aesthetics. “

Having fun with it is also here where Pages head is these days. “What I want to focus on right now and have been so extraordinary is the degree of joy I feel, the degree of presence I feel,” he said to Meyers during the show. “I feel a way I never really thought was possible for a long, long time.”

The through line has run through the boxy-slim Gucci tuxedo he carried to the Oscars to the oversized couture-ball Balenciaga suit he wore to the Met Gala. It’s fun to watch it unfold in some more casual looks, to – an alchemy in itself.

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