I’m always asked if Elemis products are worth the hype – here are 13 I’d recommend

You see, in addition to being a beauty editor, I’m also probably in the top 1% of Elemis fans. I’m a sucker for efficiency luxury skin care that has a spa-like, sensory aspect that just makes you feel amazing when you use it. After all, the best skin care product is the one you actually use. So needless to say, I love Elemis and I’m not alone. With all the fans of Elemis singing its praises all over social media, it’s no wonder so many people are intrigued.

However, it’s worth noting here that I’m also someone who strongly believes in honest and open conversations around skin care, and that’s hard to come by when it comes to luxury products. When we part with a lot of money for something, we become determined to make it work. And this is where I enter the conversation.

As someone who is hard pressed to name a single Elemis product I haven’t tried, and as someone who has also tried almost every other luxury skincare product out there by comparison, I’m in a pretty good position to say which products there are (and are not) the best of the best. So to definitively answer my most asked question, this is my honest review of the 13 best Elemis skincare products out there, from the cult of the brand cleansing balm to Pro-Collagen range that crosses all the fields.

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