If Euphoria’s Lead MUA had your credit card, she’d buy these 13 beauty products

I may be a millennial, but I’ve never been more inspired by Gen Z than after watching Euphoria. Sure, I came for the story and the cast, but honestly, I stayed for the makeup. The crystal-encrusted lids! Glitter! The neon graphic eyeliner! It all spoke to me (me! A self-proclaimed lazy makeup wearer!). “Even a little makeup flair or detail can be so exciting and uplifting,” he says Donnie Davy, the show’s lead makeup designer. “Think a wash of coral eyeshadow, a dark burgundy lip, a gorgeous graphic green line under your browbones or three tiny rhinestones along your lower lash line. You don’t have to go big to be bold,” she says.

Considering the look Davy has brought to life On screen, you might think she was big on makeup when she was younger, but she insists that wasn’t the case. In fact, she has always been more inspired by colors, art and emotions. “I have a vivid imagination when it comes to colors and different color combinations and I treat the eyes and the face as my canvas. It’s really fun for me to imagine what different characters would have on their faces, how they would look and why and how I could use makeup to tell their stories.”

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