40+ DIY Men’s Halloween Costumes with Clothes Already in Your Closet

If you are looking for men Halloween costume ideas that are both creative and easy enough to do DIY with normal clothes last minute, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you turn the old striped t-shirt in your closet into a Where’s Waldo? outfit or use it to dress up as a mime, it’s just a solid basic that can be reused on a whim. Trust us when we tell you that you should never underestimate how easy it is to make a cool, or downright hilarious costume with things you already have in your closet.

A denim jacket can be transformed into Dustin from “Stranger Things” with the addition of a baseball cap, flannel and corduroy pants, just as easily as it can be paired with a tight black t-shirt and skinny jeans to pull off the T-Bird look from “Grease.” Meanwhile, your sports shorts can be useful for pulling off “Baywatch” vibes, and you can use the same pair to go as Forrest Gump—as long as you don’t mind getting an old white t-shirt dirty.

While some of the costumes ahead require face paint or accessories such as masks, wigs, or capes, most can be achieved without spending another dollar. Don’t be alarmed by these Halloween costumes for men are so straightforward that anyone can do them. Take a look at the best DIY costume ideas ahead and get ready to take on Halloween in the smartest and most creative ways.

Additional reporting by Sarah Wasilak and Lauren Harano

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