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I have to try 5 designer bags before I buy – I would drop money on these

Purchase of one designer bag is not something I take lightly. There are several things I take into consideration when making a great one fashion investment as a designer bag, from longevity to price per. slid. In the end, I never have really know what will turn out to be the most portable until I get it in my closet and see how easy it is to style, and most importantly, how well it fits my essentials.

In fact, it is impossible to check all these boxes by trying the bag in person, no matter how many trips to the retail store I could take. But a monthly subscription service that gives you access to a closet filled with its cult-popular designer bags? Now it is an ideal way to try before you buy. I’m talking about Vivrellethe luxurious subscription service that offers an amazing selection of designer bags, from Chanel to Bottega Veneta, and an impressive selection of fine jewelry that would have any fashion person’s jaw on the floor (just speaking of experience here).

Choose from buzzy It bags that have already reached cult status on the fashion scene and timeless favorites that will not go out of fashion just yet, I have picked up five cool designer purses from Virelle’s closet to try, style and borrow my review for. Ahead, you can see designer handbag outfits I’ve put together with pieces such as Balenciaga’s current Le Cagole and a Y2K Dior favorite.

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