5 ways to wear the “ugly-cute” sandals that will be everywhere this summer

The arrival of summer always brings the sudden urge to throw away our laptops and run outside and spend as much of our free time in the sun as possible. Even the most indoors among us would be so inclined to venture outdoors, to be ready for something do not do involves being confined to the walls of their home.

But when it comes to any kind of outdoor activity, choosing the right shoes is crucial – and in most situations, a towering platform or a mule with heels just won’t do. Enter the “dad sandal”, a reliable standby for everything outdoors that is not only practical, but undeniably comfortable. They boast the full appeal of the thick, “ugly-cute” styles that have had a stronghold on footwear trends over the past few years, all the while offering the support you (and your bows) need.

We admit: Styling “dad sandals” – with their busy prints and in-your-face colors and countless straps – can seem daunting at first. But this season’s iterations are smarter than “dad.” See: Chaco‘s summer lineup. That’s why we’ve picked five styles and put together cute-but-practical outfits, no matter what your summer plans may be, whether it involves an easy walk or, yes, climbing up the side of a mountain.

Consider this as your guide on how to seamlessly integrate dad sandals into all of your outdoor summer fits.

To hit the paths

A far sandal is a less clumsy (and sweaty) alternative to a classic hiking boot, making them a solid choice for summer hikes. These boast adjustable straps to ensure the safest fit, while the supportive sole will keep your feet in tip-top condition no matter how many kilometers you hike. And while this style is top notch, the print adds a trendy addition to your hiking ensemble: Pair with a sleek workout kit, a bold fanny pack to store your essentials, and don’t forget to bring a packable, waterproof jacket – you never know when can run into sudden rain.

Chaco Women Z / 1 Classic, $, available at Chaco

Girlfriend collective Midnight Dylan Tank Bra, $, available at Girlfriend collective

Girlfriend collective Midnight Compressive High-Rise Legging, $, available at Girlfriend collective

Mango Water-repellent jacket, $, available at Mango

Baboon to the moon Fannypack, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Zara Basic Twill Cap, $, available at Zara

Explore a new city

When checking a new city out of your bucket list, you have to go a lot of walking. Paired with swell summer temperatures, things are likely to get sweaty too – can we suggest an airy linen set that keeps you nice and cool? In terms of footwear, we recommend having fun in the print department, especially if the rest of your fit is neutral. Equipped with an extra soft sole, these neon sandals will keep sore feet in check when you exceed your usual number of steps. Throw in some smart accessories and you have yourself a look that seamlessly takes you from sightseeing to dinner.

Chaco Women’s Mega Z / Cloud, $, available at Chaco

COS Regular-Fit linen shirt, $, available at COS

COS Elastic linen shorts, $, are available at COS

Perennial Acute shoulder bag, $, available Perennial

Crap glasses The Full Bloom, $, available at Crap glasses

Missoma Squiggle Wavy Large Hoop Earrings, $, available at Missoma

Holiday by the beach

If your summer plans involve vacationing in a remote, tropical destination, then you’ll probably spend most of your time on the beach (or by the pool … or both). That said, a lightweight route that you can easily kick off is a key element to add to your packing list. A neutral style will match everything you squeeze into your suitcase, including a printed bikini or a lively cover. This pair has a soft sole and arch support, perfect for a walk along the coast after a quick dip.

Chaco Women’s Chillos Slide, $, available at Chaco

Faithfull Brand Marzia Printed Recycled Triangle Bikini, $, available at Net-A-Porter

Mango Linen Oversize shirt, $, available at Mango

Indy Ice Cube, $, available at Indy

Bagtazo Sister Solhat, $, available at Bagtazo

AAKS Delma Raffia Tote, $, available at Nordstrøm

Spend the weekend camping or glamping

Camping plans? Whether you are heading out into the woods or opting for a more comfortable glamping experience, a thick sandal for off-road terrain with excellent grip is essential for exploring your surroundings. Pair with comfortable clothes made for moving, a backpack that holds all your equipment, and a hat for extra sun protection. Do not forget to pack something warm and cozy for the night – it will definitely be cool, even around the campfire. And if you really want to lean into the dad-style trend, try throwing some soft, fuzzy socks into the mix.

Chaco Lowdown sandal for women, $, available at Chaco

Everlane The Seamless Bike Short, $, available at Everlane

Everlane The Track Jogger, $, available at Everlane

& other stories Boxy Pile Jacket, $, available at & other stories

The northern face Borealis Backpack, $, available at The northern face

Urban Outfitters Safari Pocket Bucket Hat, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Picnic in the park

Whether you are posting in an urban oasis or a place with more rugged soil (maybe a national park?) Picnic dressing should prioritize comfort as much as style, especially when it comes to your shoes. A far sandal with a towed outsole prevents you from slipping if you encounter any mud, while a padded sole will keep your feet happy while looking for the ideal place to set up shop. Combine yours with an airy sundress, a bag (to carry snacks, of course) and some summery accessories, and you will want yourself the perfect picnic ensemble – one that is cute and practical.

Chaco Women Z / Cloud 2, $, available at Chaco

Perennial Landry Dress, $, available at Perennial

Eliou Keena Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beaded Necklace, $, available at Nordstrøm

JW PEI Shea Checkerboard Knitted Tote Bag, $, available at JW PEI

Emi Jay Big Effing Claw Clip, $, available at Emi-Jay

Bonnie Clyde UFO, $, available at Bonnie Clyde

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