4 New Controversial Celeb-Endorsed Denim Trends We Didn’t See Coming

Not to brag, but we’ve already called quite a few controversial, celeb-approved denim trends this year. Remember baggy jean outfit Gigi Hadid sported who launched the anti-skinny jean trend? Or the overall trend Emily Ratajkowski and Margot Robbie made popular? Or how about the dreaded low-rise jeans trend Bella Hadid is single handed to bring back? We saw all these denim trends coming from a mile away.

However, These Celeb-approved denim trends blindsided us: ChloĆ« Sevigny’s leg-baring split-seam jeans at the Cannes Film Festival, Yara Shahidi’s cargo jeans, Olivia Culpo’s jorts. Even we here at Who What Wear HQ didn’t see these coming. Keep scrolling to see the controversial new celeb denim trends that took us by surprise this year, then shop them for yourself if you’re feeling brave.

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