From hair to nails, these will be 2023’s most controversial beauty trends

Fadul believes that consumers will act smarter this year and finally focus on quality rather than quantity. “People want to invest in better products with scientific formulas that actually work and move away from trendy ingredients,” says Fadul. She also sees that skin care extends into body care with beauty routines that pamper the whole body, “with the same skin-loving formulas as the face.” Finally, Fadul predicts that consumers and brands will move towards supporting sustainable beauty. “Whether it’s using biotechnology to formulate products or switching to reusable packaging, our future should put less stress on the planet (and us),” she muses.

The trend she hopes will make a comeback? Minimalist skincare routines. “The beauty industry has us believe that we need endless products and steps in our routines, but regardless of age, skin type or gender, all human skin requires the same things to be healthy,” says Fadul. She also identified such important ingredients that should be part of a healthy skin care routine and appear more in the products. These include vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, peptidesniacinamide, hyaluronic acid and Mineral SPF.

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