The “dated” product Old Hollywood Loved for Flawless Skin is making a comeback

According to Shari Marchbein, MD, FAAD, the benefits of cold cream vary, but most people use it as a gentle makeup remover that doesn’t strip the skin thanks to its powerful moisturizing properties. “It’s important to moisturize your skin to help keep it hydrated and to help counteract the appearance of fine lines and/or signs of skin discoloration,” she shares. “A suitable moisturizer such as a cold cream can help prevent dryness, improve tone and texture and protect the outer layer of the skin. Replenishing the skin’s natural moisture balance by moisturizing daily is important as environmental factors such as harsh weather and sun can dry out your skin. skin and make it look dull.”

Another benefit of cold cream? Its versatility! Marchbein explains that pretty much anyone can use cold cream, and it’s especially dreamy for people with sensitive, dry or normal skin. “Cold cream can also be used on acne-prone skin as long as the oils in the formula are non-comedogenic,” she adds. Fortunately, many of the best formulas on the market fit the bill and won’t block or clog pores after cleansing. If you want to check a product’s ingredients to see if it’s actually non-comedogenic, I love this tool that allows you to copy and paste an ingredient label to see if it passes the test.

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