I asked 6 of my friends about the shoe style they will never clean out of their closet

Being the fashion editor in my family and friend group, I’m typically the go-to for all style-related questions. But since I’ve been catching up with a lot of my friends and family over the past few weeks while spending time at home, I thought I’d turn the tables a bit and ask everyone else for some fashion guidance. And given that many in my inner circle have been have cleaned out their closets recentlyI thought I’d tap everyone to get some specific insight into their absolute favorite shoe styles. You know them – timeless silhouettes they’ll never (ever) remove from their closets.

So whether you’re currently shopping and want to add a versatile new pair of shoes to your wardrobe or just want some shoe shopping recommendations to bookmark and remember later what comes your way might be of interest. Keep scrolling to find the footwear selections that six friends and family members told me will live in their closets forever, complete with a bit of visual inspiration from some of my favorite fashion girls on IG.

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