The coolest fall shoe trend you can actually walk miles in

There is nothing better than finding a pair shoe that makes you feel strong, powerful and ready for anything and that’s it actually comfortable. Fortunately, autumn’s coolest shoe trend checks all the boxes. Welcome to your wardrobe chunky Chelsea boots. The practical stompers were spotted all over the runways – from Bottega Veneta to Alexander McQueen – where models wore chunky platform rubber soles that exuded a punk rock feel. Dark and ominous was the mood, presenting a refreshingly modern and moody addition to our fall wardrobes. The apocalyptic style boots are super cool and easy to walk for miles due to their sturdy soles.

So how do you incorporate the trendy chunky Chelsea boots in your fall clothes? Wear them with your flowers autumn dresses to sharpen the look or add a cool girly edge to your jeans and loose leather trousers. Scroll below for tons more inspiration on how to wear chunky Chelsea boots and shop the best out there for every budget.

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