Christina Aguilera exudes royalty in a plunging purple gown

Christina Aguilera came to Latin Grammy Awards 2022 look like modern royalty. The multi-binder wore a long-sleeved, perfectly tailored purple dress in a striking shade of magenta. The luxurious satin look also included voluminous wrap-around detailing that unfolded behind her head and all the way to her elbows. Her look was complete with a petite train and flattering plunging V-neck, which Aguilera matched with purple eyeshadow, an exquisite purple manicure, and her trademark platinum blonde hair swept off her face.

The Nov. The 17 ceremony is a big one for Aguilera, who once described her 2001 Latin Grammy award as “one of my most prized possessions” in a November 2021 interview with Entertainment tonight. This year, not only will she perform during the show, but she’s also nominated in a total of seven categories, including album of the year for her second Spanish-language album, “Aguilera.” In terms of nominations, she’s second only to Bad Bunny, who has 10 Latin Grammy nominations, and tonight she’s here to celebrate.

An exciting night calls for a bigger look, and Aguilera delivered. In addition to that, Aguilera looked confident and proud on the red carpet – a concept she has talked about at length in relation to. her Latinidad. Throughout her career, Aguilera was told she was not “Latino/a/x enough” because of the way she speaks and presents, even encouraged to change her last name at a specific time. But Aguilera is proud of her Latinx heritage, and “Aguilera” is proof that Aguilera is proud of where she comes from. Showing up to the event dressed like a queen is just the cherry on top. Check out photos of Aguilera at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards ahead and see why she was majestic in magenta.

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