How Bratz dolls became fashion’s greatest style mice

While many dress specifically to fit the Bratz aesthetic, it should be noted that most of the trends the dolls wear – tiny skirts, offensive prints, platform boots, mini bags and fuzzy accessories – also match the current return of the Y2K mode. This may explain why Olivia Rodrigo, Emma Chamberlain, Iris Apatow and other Gen Z influencers also appear to dress up as Bratz dolls. In June, Rodrigo released a slideshow of photos showing herself wearing a corset-like plaid mini dress with knee-high patent leather platforms, her hair tied in two small pigtails. Below the photo, Instagram user Stephenie Smith commented on what we all thought: “Jade Bratz doll IRL.” The “Deja Vu” singer continued the line in the just released music video for “Brutal,” which offered Demonia platform bootsa rhinestone tank top, butterfly clips and multicolored hair extensions – a Bratz signature.

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