My Fuzzy Birkenstocks are the shoes I never take off

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In the last two and a half years, I’ve made a few investments when it comes to being comfortable at home. I went from leaving the house at seven in the morning and not returning until after dinner to working remotely, creating a home workout routine and having people over more than I go out. One of my most favorite investments has been in a pair of quality cozy slippers and nothing comes close Birkenstock Arizona Genuine Shearling Lined Slide Sandals ($160). It’s the comfortable, casual everyday shoe that I literally don’t take off; I was halfway to the coffee shop this morning when I realized I hadn’t even put on my sneakers as planned and was still in my Birkenstocks. I’m also someone who admittedly isn’t a typical Birkenstocks person; this is my first pair and even though i didn’t get the hype before i can say now that these will be mine go to slippers forever.

What I like about this Birkenstock Arizona Genuine Shearling Lined Slide Sandal

There is a lot to like about this sandal. I love that it molds to my feet and that I can just throw it on, which I do every single morning when I get out of bed. I love the way it looks; I have the mink suede color and I think it’s neutral and cool. It feels like a slipper but looks like a real shoe, and that’s ideal in my book. As someone who always has cold feet, I like that this never makes me feel chilly even when my toes and heels are exposed. I also love that there’s real traction on the sole, which helps give extra grip whether you’re walking around outside or indoors. For me, this is a house shoe; I try not to wear outdoor shoes inside my home and I needed something that I could feel comfortable wearing while being cozy inside. Although, as I mentioned earlier, they are so comfortable that sometimes I forget I’m wearing them, and I actually made it halfway to the coffee shop this morning before I realized I was still wearing them. Hey, rules are made to be broken.

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What is worth noting

I don’t know if it’s because I literally wear this shoe all the time, but the shearling seems to dull a little faster than other shearling shoes I’ve used in the past. I had my first pair for almost two years and only recently got a new pair. I would love for them to stay airier longer, but I wear them every single day, often without socks, so it comes with the territory. Also as with other Birkenstocks, it takes a few days to mold to your feet and feels a bit awkward at first. However, trust the process and within days it will be the most comfortable shoe you own.

The size is also a bit tricky. The brand provides both EU and US sizes, but they do not match. For example, an EU 38 is typically a US 8, but for Birkenstocks, an EU 38 is a US 7. In this case, I would go for your typical EU size or size down your typical US size. I typically wear an EU size 40 and that’s the size I took.

Image source: Madewell

Who is this Birkenstock Arizona genuine shearling lined slide sandal best for?

If you love a good slip-on sandal that you can wear in and out of the house, this Birkenstock sandal is the shoe you’ll want to wear all the time. It is extremely comfortable, molds beautifully to your feet and has traction. It also makes a great gift; my mom gave me my first pair and I’ve given a pair to my grandma and countless friends. The quality is fantastic, and the shoe has proven to be a worthwhile investment — even with the style’s slightly higher price tag. I would recommend it to almost anyone and it even made it our ultimate POPSUGAR Christmas Gift Guide.

Where is this Birkenstock Arizona genuine shearling lined slip on available?

You can shop this shoe at Nordstromthat Birkenstock ($160) website, Turn ($160), Scissors ($160), DSW ($160), Bloomingdale’s ($160), J.Crew ($160), and Madewell ($160).

further details

  • The Birkenstock Arizona Genuine Shearling Lined Slide Sandal is available in full size only, in EU Women’s 36-41 and US Women’s 5-10.
  • It is available in a lot of different colors, including black, mink, pink, gray and navy blue.
  • The material of this pair is suede, but you can also find this shoe in oiled leather.
  • The straps are adjustable so this shoe can really mold to your foot.


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