Every fashionista owns one of these 29 sneakers that are ideal for winter

“A sneaker girl never gets cold.” Or so I thought until I had to carefully waddle through the snow for a couple. Some people are lucky to live in more moderate climates than New York City, so it can be shown our fixed kick, but for us East Judaeans, a pair of thick socks together with special styles is required. For me, high-tops and shearling-lined sneakers are currently high on the list for their warmth and protection.

Regardless of the weather, there are some It-girl sneakers that are worth wearing regardless of the weather. We can’t forget that with the ups and downs of winter, there are definitely easier days to walk around with our sneakers on. Every season I’m interested in buying a new pair, so below you’ll find 29 options that I’m seriously considering (and you should too).

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