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Suede sneakers for men: they are about as reliable in bad weather as one umbrella made of moss paper, is a nightmare to clean, and if you spill a glass of Rioja on them, it’s basically game over.

And yet, even though they may not boast near the same level of functionality or, yes, wine durability as their leather counterparts, they remain one of the most important footwear investments a man can make.

Just ask the American singer Carl Perkins, who wrote his famous ode to a pair of blue suede shoe. Fuzzy footwear is light, comfortable, and if you know how to care for it, fatal stains and water damage can actually be completely avoided.

From what to wear with them to the brands that make the best – here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about buying a pair of the best suede sneakers for men.

That’s why you need a pair of suede sneakers for men

People often talk about suede and leather as if the two are completely different materials. They are not. Both are made of cowhide, but where leather (the animal’s outer skin) has a smooth finish, suede (the inner layer of the skin) has a more velvety feel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and while it is true that suede may be more susceptible to stains than smooth leather, it is also less likely to get worn and tends to be easier to break into.

Oliver Cabell

Then there is the good look. Suede has a more porous finish, which keeps the color well, which means that lighter and more vibrant colors can be achieved than with other materials. This is some German sportswear giant Adidas has utilized, with three crisp white stripes set against a vibrant suede backdrop that has become something of a trademark in itself.

The increased risk staining is what tends to deter buyers. Hydrophobic products from e.g. However, Liquiproof, Crep Protect and Jason Markk, which provide a kind of water and stain repellent force field, have almost eliminated this problem. Now you can get up, eat a hot dog and put on a pair of suede shoes for men, in the sure knowledge that if mustard were to escape, it would just roll straight off the surface of your footwear.

How to wear suede sneakers for men

Perhaps the most redeeming feature of suede sneakers for men is how easy they are to style. Find a smart enough pair (low profile, block color, minimal details) and there is no reason why they can not be paired with tailor in the form of cropped trousers, a (preferably unstructured) suit and a turtleneck, T-shirt or polo shirt.

At the other end of the spectrum, a pair of classic suede retro sneakers are excellent Saturday afternoon pub wear when worn as part of a casual outfit with jeans, sweatshirt with round neck and hooded jacket.

Mango Man Sneakers in suede for men

The secret to getting any look right is simply to make sure you are not trying to wear shoes that are fundamental relaxed. That means a big thumbs down to a pair of suede running shoes for men with one black tie, but you probably already knew that. Smarter suede sneaker styles, on the other hand, can be dressed up or dressed down to the extent you find appropriate. Just keep the colors simple, the details minimal and you can not go far wrong.

The best brands of suede sneakers for men

From tailor-made options at the premium end of the market (and your bank balance) to patio clothes Essentials built for the stands, these are the brands you should turn to when it comes to shopping for a pair of suede sneakers for men.


Where sophistication does not meet pretension, these CLAE suede sneakers can act as a pair of suede loafers if you are not looking good enough. The Los Angeles sneaker brand has elevated the sneaker game with their minimalist and eco-friendly design since 2001, and these suede stunning continue this legacy with their followers. They are also wallet friendly, allowing you to fill up with a pair of sturdy pairs that you can rotate through the seasons.

To prioritize quality and comfort, CLAE focuses on recycled materials, vegan leather and innovative methods that have put them at the forefront of the sneaker game in LA and beyond.

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clae suede sneaker for men


Sambaen, Gazellen, Campus Trimm Trab; we could go on. As any salt-worthy sneakerhead knows, Adidas has made and continues to make some of the most iconic suede sneakers for men on the market.

Since 1949, the brand’s blend of soft suede and white leather stripes has been a common sight on sports fields, football terraces and the feet of many style tribes. Keep an eye out for the classics, or for something a little more unique, check out what the archive-inspired Spezial line has to offer.

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Adidas gazelle


Puma is so good at making suede sneakers for men that its most iconic footwear silhouette is simply called ‘Suede Classic’. But do not be fooled, this does not mean that the brand’s other furry styles are not as worthy of your hard earned.

There’s the sporty, retro goodness from Roma, the sleek styling of the Basket Classic and the athletic ready Rider. All are solid suede choices from one of the biggest names in sportswear. What more could you want?
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Axel Arigato

High-top suede sneakers? The minimalist-driven brand takes their rendition of Converse and makes them high-fashion with clean lines, natural colors and sustainable uniqueness worth bragging about. Using proven and genuine vintage aspects mixed with the eagerness to create a comfortable experience, this high-top suede sneaker will elevate your fashion game and add that extra texture to your wardrobe needs.

And if the bright color is a cause for concern, you can scoop the same pair in black or choose one of the dozens of other suede sneaker designs Axel Arigato is famous for.

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axel arigato sneakers in suede for men

Joint projects

No one is arguing that £ 300 is not a ridiculous amount of money to throw on a pair of sneakers. Still, if you were planning to skip a few meals to do just that, a few Joint projects would serve as a pretty good motivation for why you should.

The American-Italian footwear brand is best known for its buttery calfskin, but suede variants of its minimal sneakers is just as appealing. If you were looking for a suede sneaker for men that does it all and a little more, you just found it.

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JOINT PROJECTS Original Achilles Suede Sneakers

One day in March

Do you know what they say about Swedes and suede? In this case a lot. The Marching Sneaker Suede from One day in March is made of premium Spanish suede with a clean design to suit any type of outfit. Put on a pair for a casual day out, or add them to a more formal ascent to help dress it down.

Available in all five colors, from olive to desert to storm blue, there is an option for every gentleman’s wardrobe. Although the flaws of this sneaker are few and far between, they run large, so it is recommended to size down.

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a day's march sneaker in suede


When it comes to footwear design, Nike‘s focus on pushing the envelope has meant that it’s much more common to see sneakers made from woven recycled goat hair. Nevertheless, men’s sneakers are available from the brand and they are worth getting rid of your money for.

For classic retro styling, look to models like the Blazer or the Brown. Or, for something a little more modern, check out premium versions of some of the brand’s Air Max models, which often have a total suede construction.

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nike suede sneakers

Oliver Cabell

When a millennial sets out to create and design sneakers and accessories, you know the creation will be unique. Founded in 2016 by a guy in his late 20s with no fashion experience, Oliver Cabell was born out of a serious passion for fine design. Built on a unique business model, this sneaker brand bypasses traditional retail brands and instead delivers the product directly to the consumer, allowing the average Joe to revel in luxury footwear and accessories.

Their best-selling Low 1 sneaker in suede, which calls for some old-school imagery, gives a rustic, embodied feel. It seems that you have already worn the sneakers (in the best possible way), which gives an atmosphere of comfort and relaxed sophistication. Sometimes you want footwear that looks like you actually enjoy wearing it and Oliver Cabell hits the spot with these kicks.

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oliver cabell sneakers in suede for men

New balance

No one makes suede for men runningshoes like New Balance. The Boston-based company’s ultra-comfortable suede sneakers have a lot of appeal for good reason, loved by both European cool kids and North American fathers.

For the highest quality options, look for the ‘Made in the UK / USA’ styles. Yes, they will set you back a little more than the main versions, but you will eventually get something that works better and lasts longer. Better value in the long run.

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New Balance 991 Made in England

Uniform standard

With a long history in the sneaker industry (18 years to be exact), two veteran designers teamed up in 2018 to create a completely recycled sneaker brand. Working from their East London studio, Uniform standards creations strike and these gray suede sneakers are at the forefront.

Classic, comfortable and ready to go with anything, these are a pair of sturdy shoes to have in your closet, especially if you dig the retro basketball profile, enhanced with premium Italian suede. These are a pair of shoes that you can easily take from the track to the streets.

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uniform standard suede sneakers for men


Conversation has always been a name synonymous with canvas footwear, but with advances in footwear technology in the 1960s, the brand was forced to increase its game and introduce something new to the game.

This resulted in One Star, a simple, low-design suede sneaker that quickly became a hit on basketball courts and later on skate parks. It is the only shoe from the American brand that was made exclusively of suede and continues to be a stylish, reliable and wallet-friendly option to this day.

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One Star Premium suede


California skate brand Vans knows better than most the practical benefits of suede construction. The material has long been used by the brand to give skateboarders increased durability and better grip when performing tricks.

At least that’s the practical side of it, but it also looks good. As proof, you can just look at Sk8 Hi or Old Skool, both of which perfectly illustrate Vans’ ability to make suede sneakers that can withstand the test of time.

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Golden goose

Golden Goose has done the impossible. That is, create a very successful brand around the concept of selling shoes that look like they have already run 10 marathons, at 10 times the price of a regular sneaker.

Yet there is just something about them. We know it’s ridiculous, but we also want a couple. Hi, if you can afford it, why not?
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GOLDEN GOOSE Ball Star Distressed suede and leather sneakers


Take a former Supreme creative director, a touch of beachy-styling, a touch of minimalism and exert it all through a skate-cultured colander and what do you get? Well, something that tastes a lot like Aprix.

This relatively new footwear brand works exclusively in brightly colored suede, and we defy anyone to be in anything but a great mood when wearing a pair. If not because of the vibrant colors, then it’s just because of the instant style points earned.

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APRIX low-top sneakers in suede

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