I tried the so called best redness reducing products – here are my honest reviews

For as long as I can remember, I have been prone to blush. I suffer from mild rosacea, so blush is basically my middle name. Spicy food, an intense workout, a relaxing glass of wine, a hint of anxiety, a light breeze, a Tuesday—basically, you name it, and it irritates my skin.

I always assumed this was a personal issue that I had to deal with. It wasn’t until I read one Repeller Instagram posts about an editor’s bout with pink cheeks and then the hundreds of comments that I realized this is a common problem. To be the one product collector that I am (don’t judge), I’ve tested pretty much every formula on the market that is promoted as redness-reducing, anti-inflammatory, neutralizing, soothing, etc.so I thought I should share the knowledge I have acquired.

Below, I break down the real deal with all these options and give my honest reviews of the best skin care products that reduce redness—essentially, which ones helped and which ones are a waste of time (and money). I gave each product a rating on a five-star scale, and only two received the honor of five stars. Now I’m talking strictly skin care here, not makeup to cover up the rosiness. If you’d like a different story on that (or just want to discuss this further because I really could talk about this all day), feel free to slipped into my DMs here.

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